Fishing Report
01/21/2018 – South Holston Tennessee

South Holston Fly Fishing Tennessee

Drove from Pittsburgh down to fish the South Holston River near bristol, TN for a few days. Currently TVA is working to upgrade the dams ability to generate power. Because of this, the dam is releasing a constant flow of near 450. This is perfect to wade the river! Air temps reached the low 60’s and fish were eating, really well actually. The river was still clear, light ice still around on the edges. Fish were podded up pretty good, if you caught one you could camp on the spot and pull a bunch of fish. Blue winged olives were fluttering around, with fish willing to rise to them at times. Most of our wish were caught tight line nymphing. Size 16 pheasant tail nymph, tied on a jig hook – Caught the majority of the fish. Fish averaged 8″- 14″ wild browns and wild rainbows. It was the highest number of fish I have caught on the holston in a day. We stayed at the South Holston River Lodge, great place with great people. John and Tony do a great job there. 

BWO #16-18
Thread body Olives #18
Pheasant Tail #16

– Josh Miller