Trout Yeah Guides is a vision of Josh Miller and Joe Clark’s success fly fishing for many years traveling abroad and in Regional and National Competitions. Our goal is to share the knowledge we have gained from fishing so many places under various conditions. Fly Fishing Competitions have shaped and molded the anglers we have become. We enjoy fishing central Pennsylvania streams for wild trout and using techniques like European Nymphing and dry dropper. Trout Yeah Guides is not only for the experienced angler wanting to take their skill to the next level, but teaching the basics as well. We enjoy a simplistic approach to fly fishing.

Joe Clark

Joe has instructed the US Youth Team for the past 5 years and a gold medalist in a Team USA Regional.


Trout Yeah Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Josh has competed on Fly Fishing Team USA for the past 4 seasons and assisted coaching in 3 World Youth Fly Fishing Championships.